Look at these screenshots to see Encrypt Easy in action. Additionally download the trial to see more of Encrypt Easy. If you want to enlarge image click on it. Also flash demo is available.

Encrypt Easy main screen

Encrypt Easy offers simple, fast and secure encryption of your data. The program has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It screen allows the user to see all essential functions at a glance.

Windows Explorer integration

Encrypt Easy integrates into Windows Explorer's context menu and allows you to use all it's functions with single mouse click.

Self Extracting packages

Encrypt Easy can create encrypted self extracting packages which can be sent though Internet and decrypted without using Encrypt Easy program.

File Shredder

The program's shredder makes it easy to remove files or folders from the drive when they are no longer needed. Unlike Windows Explorer's delete function, Encrypt Easy shreds files permanently so that they cannot be recovered. The built-in shredder conforms to the US Department of Defense's 5220.22-M protocol for emoving computer files.

Wipe-out utility

Wipe-out utility removes all traces of Internet and system activities. If someone accesses your computer, they will be unable to determine which web sites you have visited, which documents you have recently accessed, or which programs you have been running.